Major Events in European and Chinese International Development 1947–2013

  • Diarmuid Rossa Phelan


Introductory remarks

The purpose of this chronology is to present the most detailed chronology of state and international organisation actions in the international relations of the European Union and China. The purpose of presenting a chronology of events without narrative theme is to provide a resource for scholars to trace their own themes. An effort has been made to be neutral in the selection of events. Of course, this is not wholly possible, as there must be some assessment of importance in deciding what to leave out. However, the author hopes that bringing these events together from many disparate sources will provide a platform for scholars in the identification and development of themes – in short, that by eschewing a current international relations or national policy goal oriented revision of the past to present what now seems important, the neutral presentation of organised information will be useful for open minded enquiry. The EU and China have developed bilateral relations only in the recent past. The chronology starts largely with European events with Chinese international relations activity increasing as the years progress. Readers are invited to contact the author to suggest events which merit inclusion or, even, deletion.